How terpap®
was born
Lineapack is one of the most prominent companies in the design and production of eco-friendly packaging. Our strong will to contribute towards a plastic-free world led us to the development of a new packaging solution, which is entirely recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

This is the name of our new packaging; it is a natural paper made from pure cellulose, compliant to FSC and PEFC certifications. Terpap® undergoes a heat-sealing treatment, and it has a water-based synthetic structure, which makes it ideal for food industry.

Designed for automated packaging lines, Terpap® introduces great enhancements if compared to the heat-sealing paper currently on the market. First of all, Lineapack weighed up Terpap®’s ideal basis weight, thus combining two crucial elements; on the one hand, the robustness of the fiber (which lends the packaging great tightness) and, on the other hand, the flexibility of the fiber (which makes the automatic packaging process possible).

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lacquer saving during working process
The lacquer-based composition of the coating has been specifically designed to allow direct contact with food and efficient application on paper. Moreover, Lineapack has developed an innovative coating system, which allows to apply lacquer not only at the end of the coating process, but also in register –which means on the fin, on the bottom and on the closure of the package, only where sealing is required. In so doing, it is possible to save 70% of lacquer, thus making the sealing process easier, more efficient and more resistant.

and biodegradable

Ready for
automated plants

Terpap® is designed for automated packaging lines of dried food products, such as pasta, dried fruit, cereals, and much more. Terpap® is based on a heat-sealing system, appliable even on paper with barrier coating which resists permeation by grease, oil, steam and oxygen. That is why it covers an extremely wide range of applications in the food sector. However, Terpap® can also be used in any paper packaging plant, without having to buy any specific packaging machine. For this reason, it is easily accessible to any food company.
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